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60' Linear Foot Estimate

Estimated Price - $2,400

90' Linear Foot Estimate

Estimated Price - $3,600

100' Linear Foot Estimate

Estimated Price - $4,500

130' Linear Foot Estimate

Estimated Price - $5,850

180' Linear Foot Estimate

Estimated Price - $8,100

250' Linear Foot Estimate

Estimated Price - $11,250

And Now, For Your CUSTOM QUOTE.

If you're looking for quality outdoor accent lighting in the form of permanent LED Christmas lights and outdoor patio mood lighting, you've come to the right place! Illumax will happily and promptly send you a FREE quote. Simply fill out the form. We require that you send (at minimum) an image showing the front of your home. For accurate calculations, please photograph from a straight-on view. (If space is tight, please submit 2-3 angles of that side.)

Our quotes include both the system AND optional installation. We have a network of installers across the nation, and when we don't have a contractor in your area, Illumax comes to you! (Should you want to self-install, we have light kits available online.

Contact Information

Please provide your contact information, including address. Often, we can use your address, along with Google Streetview, to quote your structure. Below, you can add optional images to aid in quoting.


Home Photos and Information

Angles matter: Please take photos as straight on as possible.

Typically, we can pull a quote using your address and Google Streetview. However, for even more accuracy, please feel free to upload a photo of each section of your home, business or outdoor living space where you would like to place Illumax lights. Be sure that any rooflines and all fascia are clearly visible. Please type an explanation of where you’d like to have your lighting. (1MB limit per photo. Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png.)

Upon submission of your photos and any other pertinent information, we will send a free quote detailing your lighting needs within 24 hours.

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